calling local brides!

Hey, girl! Yes, you. With the big white dress on.

We’re looking for five recently married brides from the Ozarks to feature at Springfield Bliss. Lots of gals just got engaged over the holiday season, and they want to be inspired by the best weddings in the Springfield area!

To be one of the first featured weddings, we need a few things from you to get started:

5-7 photographs that showcase the details of your wedding. One should be a shot with you and your spouse and can be an engagement photo if desired.

List of vendors for services featured in the photographs: photographer, caterer, venue, cake, florist, dress shop, alterations, hair and beauty services, etc.

A  short bio that includes work and hobby information, when and how you met, your wedding date, and your favorite things about being married.

Answer your fave five of the following questions:

  • How did he propose?
  • How long did you spend planning the wedding?
  • What were your priorities for the wedding?
  • How did you spend money wisely?
  • Describe a moment during the planning phase that helped you and your spouse learn to work together better?
  • What creative ways did you incorporate parts of your personalities into the big day?
  • What was your favorite thing about the wedding?
  • If you could go back, what one thing would you have done differently? (Or two things J)
  • Share a funny/scary/frustrating/beautiful moment from the wedding day that you hope you never forget.

Fill out the comment form below, email me at, or contact me on Facebook if you’d like to reserve your spot. Can’t wait to see your wedding!

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