dustin loves jessica

Hello! Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Jessica Legan and my husband’s name is Dustin Legan. We got married on September 6, 2015. I am a full-time student studying Elementary Education and Dustin is an Automotive Technician. Our favorite thing to do together is build cars. That’s been our thing–we currently own about 19 cars altogether!

How did you meet each other?

I had known OF Dustin since I was about seven years old. He lived about five houses down the street from me but we never really spoke to each other. We officially met in the art room at our high school. I was a freshman at the time and Dustin was a junior. We became friends who had a lot in common. We both loved cars, we liked the same music, had the same outlook on life, and a lot of the same goals. We quickly started falling for each other…we have been inseparable ever since.

Photo by Jessica Yahn Photography
Photo by Jessica Yahn Photography

How did he propose?

Dustin had been wanting to give me a surprise for a while. I was at my little sister’s softball practice and got a phone call from Dustin. He asked me if I wanted my surprise. I told him that I did (of course.) He said, “Okay. When you get home pack your bags. It requires a trip out of state.” My wheels were turning and my best guess was that we were going somewhere to buy a new car for our collection. I was so excited! We finished our 10 hour drive in Texas. Dustin wouldn’t even give me a hint. We got to our hotel and he told me we needed to get some sleep because we had to be up around 5am. I just assumed we had to drive a little further and he wanted to start the trip early. We got up the next morning and started our journey in the car when Dustin looked at me and said, “Do you remember when you told me to wanted to go skydiving?” I started to panic. “Dustin, you better not have driven 10 hours to get me to jump out of a plane because I’m too scared to do it!” He just laughed and said, “No, that’s not it.” But at this point I was freaking out. It was dark when we arrived. I still had no idea where we were or what we were doing. Dustin said, “Well, I might as well tell you because you’re about to see for yourself. This is a hot air balloon festival. We’re going to ride in one.” I almost cried! My number one bucket list item was to ride in a hot air balloon at sunrise and he loved me enough to make it happen. I was so excited! I didn’t know the ride wasn’t even the best part. We got into the basket and our guide started airing the balloon up. As I’m taking in this beautiful experience, I look to my side and Dustin pulls out a ring from his pocket and says “Jessica, will you marry me?” I was totally shocked and speechless. It was the second most beautifully perfect moment of my life (our wedding was the first!)

How long did you plan the wedding?

We began planning right away. We planned our wedding for about a year and a half and knew we had to do our best to conserve our money where we could.

How did you spend money wisely?

Our main expenses were our venue, the photographer, and my dress. Everything else would need to be budgeted tightly. We cut corners and did things ourselves where we could. We didn’t cater in food, but instead had a potluck style dinner where the guests brought the dishes. It turned out amazing!

Photo by Jessica Yahn Photography
Photo by Jessica Yahn Photography

What creative ways did you incorporate parts of your personalities into the big day?

We knew our wedding had to reflect our relationship which is why we chose to have a rustic car-themed wedding. Dustin and his groomsmen wore spark plug boutonnieres, while I had spark plugs in my bouquet. Our centerpieces were car and hunting themed, and even my garter had a Honda emblem on it.

Photo by Jessica Yahn Photography
Photo by Jessica Yahn Photography

My favorite part about the wedding would have to be when we exchanged rings. We did this part a little differently than most people. During our ceremony our wedding bands were each held on a lock. While our preacher was preaching, we unlocked the locks, took our rings off and put them on each other’s fingers, and then locked our locks together. We then tied our keys to the locks to a balloon and released it into the sky. We wanted to do this to symbolize a bond that couldn’t be broken.

Photo by Jessica Yahn Photography
Photo by Jessica Yahn Photography

I wanted to have a wedding like this to show girls that it’s important to be yourself, ESPECIALLY on your wedding day. It doesn’t have to be frilly and girly, or even traditional to be beautiful. Your wedding should be a reflection of your relationship. Your marriage is the most beautiful part.

Photo by Jessica Yahn Photography

Featured Vendors

Photography – Jessica Yahn Photography

Venue – The Barn at Stone Valley Plantation

Wedding Dress – Gracie’s Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses – David’s Bridal

Grooms and Groomsmen attire – JC Penny’s

The Engagement Ring – Gabriel & Co

Wedding Bands – Helzberg Diamonds

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